Suitable for children aged 7 and over

Suitable for children aged 7 and over

Ed. Einaudi Children “Golden shelf”, 2006
illustrated by: Donatella Caprana Riva
Einaudi Children “Stories and Rhymes”, 2007

“Once upon a time there was a country town called “the uselesstolks” and in this town, used to live a man who would made kites for living.
He used to make wonderful kites, of different and strange forms, that could move in the arm as they were alive. The children would watch the kites enchanted, they would dream about them in the night and they would have tantrums for days asking for one.
Then, when they finally would get it (you had to go in that town, find this man, prey him for a long time and wait a long time) when they finally could take it home and throw it in the sky, they didn’t want to separate from it.
One day he made the micest kite, a large dragon with green and blue wings and a green tail, that wriggled here and there like a snake…”

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