Meeting the writer

Meeting the writer

“Nowadays childhood has lost freedom. Not only the one which shoulders the rifle, which deals, drugs or prostitute itself, which works and knows everything about life, but also childhood hyper protected, looked after, cultivated, well-fed on TV programmes and goods…

Children have lost their freedom. Who is going to feed their dreams anymore? In the future grace will be a rare virtue, perhaps extinct. Nowadays the password motto is the more, the heavy, the lot. Lots of nonses, lots of sounds, lots of messages, lots of things, lots of meat, lots of words. Children are overwhelmed by the full, they don’t know silence and they are afraid of it. And they are more and more lonely…

It may be because we bear inside ourselves the regreat of this one life that we try to repeat it. We charge our children with this task, too, and not only our children but youth in general. To be what we haven’t been, to live the way we woud have lived and we haven’t been able to…

You don’t grow in a straight way, but with a spiral pace: you take everything inside.

People who are in a hurry trace a straight line and go on with forced stages. First the childhood, then adolescence, then youth: every stage is a piece left behind, to run faster.

Finally there remains only a life too full or too empty we wold like to live troughout our chidren and other people, rather than to thrive on what you have inside yourself.

da Society of thoughts n. 2/3 – year 1994 – Angela Nanetti “Mi sono ripresa l’infanzia”

Marc Chagall “The Circus” 1922-44

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