Suitable for children aged 10 and over

Suitable for children aged 10 and over


– 1st Edition – “BUS” series – Motta Junior, Florence 2012.

Illustrated by Brunella Baldi

Agata is a girl as there are many, trapped in between two parents; one, the black-man Dad, is the tormentor of the other, the Mum, who is beaten by the violence that everyday strikes her. The fox is her fur neck friend whom Agata shares her secrets with. But is everything as it looks like? The ending open up unexpected passages of light.

Angela Nanetti knows how to tackle difficult topics, sometimes extremely difficult, with a frank, never crude writing. In this precious booklet, also remarkable for the beautiful illustrations, Agata’s story has the delicate tones of a fairy tale in which the Fox plays the role of magic helper. Fairy tales, it is well known, can talk to little ones about big things.

The scholastic life n.3- November 2012

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