Suitable for children aged 10 and over

Suitable for children aged 10 and over

Einaudi Children ” The golden shelf “, 1999
” Stories and Rhymes “, 2002
Illustrated by: Fausto Bianchi

…Fifteen stories light, unexpected, surprising as feathers lost in flight. There is the stone angel “with no wings and with a cut off finger “, standing still on the rose window of a cathedral; the guard angel who leaves the garden door unattended to follow the little acrobat of a circus; the angel painted on a picture kept in a museum… Angels who tell children aged 8 or over about beauty, sympathy, cruelty, poetry: that’s to say the eternal history of mankind.

Fiorella Jannucci – ” Il Messaggero” – 14/12/99 “

Published in:
Germany, Thailand

(Not Available in Italy)

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