Suitable for children aged 6 and over

Suitable for children aged 6 and over

Ed. Einaudi Children “The Golden Shelf”, 2004
Illustrated by: Octavia Monaco

The beautiful and blond lady of the castle loves life and knows that her daughter, completely white and nearly transparent inspite of her name, has got the extraordinary gift of singing, she can talk with birds, flowers and tree leaves; unfortunately the prince warrior, husband and father, doesn’t appreciate his daughter’s gifts and he believes, on the contrary, that she is the source of the sharp and deep pain that makes him mistrustful, insensitive and cruel.

The writer weaves the story threads with undiscussed cleverness and the happy ending comes with miraculous liberating weeping: the prince’s hiccups make the heart lighter and the pain “kinder” and finally allow to expose “all the colours in the world, which are many and constantly in change”.

The qualities of the book have found a fascinating figurative interpretation with Octavia Monaco’s pictures and this also makes “Azzurrina” an extraordinary and unique text, able to impress on the imagination of younger and older readers.

Published for now in: Italy and SHORTLY in SPAIN

Italia, prossima edizione Spagna

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