Suitable for children aged 11 and over

Suitable for children aged 11 and over

El Edition, 2006 – illustrated by Gabriella Giandelli

A summer with yellow snow, an uncultivated and negleted space, a stretch of asphalt “as empty as a desert” called square and a bulding that refills itself whit its inhabitants only in the evening. One day, under the only green bush of the area, Danilo, the chief character, find Gorgius.

“Just imagine… It’s hard to describe, not becouse I don’t remember it, but because thinking over it after a long time it seems even more crazy… almost impossible… Yet it’s true, it’s all true, because it happened to me… And things might not be true until they happen to you, but after?
What is Gorgius ? And how much is it dangerous?

Published for now in: Italy

“”Angela Nanetti, a writer who is keen to teenagers world and feelings, challenges herself with the horror writhing and tells the story of a children gang fithing with “Gorgius”, a misterious creature, terrifying and violent, that took office in their yard and which represent Evil.
A sort of Stephen King’s “IT”.

(Corriere della Sera.24th March 2006)

(Not available)

Prizes and Awards

  • White Ravers selection 2006
  • Winner Prize “Libri infiniti Critici in erba” 2006
  • Finalist Prize “Cinque Terre” 2006
  • Prize Jury of Bancarellino 2007


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