Suitable for children aged 12-13 and over

Suitable for children aged 12-13 and over

EL Edition ” Frontiers ” 1999

A short story, deliberately short, I think.
And about the stream of memory. It concerns the synthetic,articulate reconstruction of a longed  trip which turns into tragedy…
It’s a dramatic, hard book, as is its language which, without falling into the common and trite youth slang, has its own dry, rough, almost “irritating” quality.
A language, by the other hand, skillful in its pauses and in some just hinted but very vivid described digressions…
It’s a painful book but honest, I think.
Walter Fochesato – ” Andersen Magazine” n. 156 – February 2000

Prizes and Awards:

  • Prizes and Rewards: Andersen Prize , 2000 – Sestri Levante (GE) – Italy –


(Not Avalable)

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