morte_a_garibaldi“Death to Garibaldi”

1° ed. Giunti Publishers “Extra” 2011-07-26

“Melania is nearly 14 years old; she has got a mother who has been left for another woman and a younger brother who is much more relaxed than she is about this new situation. She just can’t cope. When, in a hot week of august, she has to accompany her father, who is a journalist, in a long journey looking for material for a book on “Garibaldi’s history”, she just can’t resist: she uses every possible opposition to “HIM” (that is what she call him)…..”

…….unexpectedly during this journey, history become part of Melania’s life, helping her to consider her personal history in a different light and most of all relationship whit her father …. Melania’s journey represents all the adolescence themes….a history of growth, written with a light pen and never didactic, which tells the difficult challenges of adolescence, also regarding the relationship within the family whose map is becoming every day more complicated.

From “Liber” 10 may 2011

“Angela Nanetti is touching the right strings in the youth world and, moreover, she succeeds in telling them in a original story….”

Massimo, Sunday 3 July 2011 (comments to “Biblioragazzi’s readings)

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