Suitable for children aged 10 and over

Suitable for children aged 10 and over


1° Edition “New Children’s Library” – New Roman Editions, Rome- 2012

Illustrated by Gioia Marchegiani

“Summers are not all the same, some go by hidden and others change your life. And autumn neither are all the same, because falling leaves are not the same and neither are rains. That’s why that summer and that autumn were so important for them…”

Marta, Diana, Margherita and Isabella are four sisters who live in a big country farmhouse, where their parents recently opened a farm. They are totally different as to personalities, tastes, interests, but they are united in love and stubbornness… All together, with the presence of a somehow “special” Grandma, Mum Francine’s help and the not always easy guidance of the father, they will have to face, during an unforgettable summer and autumn, a difficult seesaw of events, sentiments and confrontations between them and the adults. Only a daring author such as Angela Nanetti could venture upon a romance that has scored with at least ten generations of girls… But this Little Women Today is not a rewriting of Alcott’s masterpiece nor a clone in a contemporary note. Much awarded writer and widely translated abroad, Nanetti took nineteenth century Little Women as a starting point to built a story that climbs paths very far from the puritan romanticism of March’s home… Realism and magic dimension muddle together in this romance’s stile that insinuates itself in complex dynamics, as to nearly belie the well-known Tolstoy’s theory which says all happy family look the same ( while each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way): happiness can be found in a tortuous way as well. As long as little women had been girls for real. Free and able to dream.

Simonetta Fiori “La Repubblica – Sunday 18th December 2012”

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