Suitable for children aged 8 and over

Suitable for children aged 8 and over


Edizione Giunti Junior Collana Le gru 2008

Illustrated by: Massimo Alfaioli

“Ah the three layer-cake filled with custard and covered with cocoa! And the liquorice chocolates and the crunchy nut bonbon!

All deliciousness, and many more Urbina and Olimpia used to talk about among themselves, with an inspired manner like two fans, as well as they talk about Olimpia’s favourite books placed in the yellow layer of the cake, the one that smells of vanilla custard. Cake?!

Yes, you are right, the yellow layer of the cake, is the forth floor of the library…”


A quick thriller from a great author’s pen, that gives back a wonderful dimension of listened childwood… An adventure full of coup the theatre and love about the object book …

(By “LIBRAZZI, guide to children book” Co-ordination of children libraries)

When a book brings with it a bit of cheerfulness and a meaning of deep respect on childwood, its author has already made a gesture which is a gift …

(by Andersen)

A really “Amusing” book, which speaks to kids about books and adventure through a fresh story and a great narrative rhythm.


Published for now in : ITALY

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