Suitable for children aged 10 and over

Suitable for children aged 10 and over


1ST Ed. Giunti Firenze , Firenze “Le Gru” 2009
Illustrated by Francesco Mattioli

“I really thought I would never see you again, yes, I thought so. On the contrary … Guess what my friends? we’re all toghether again!”. The words “my friends” had slipped from his tongue before he could help it, but now it was too late. But this wasn’t the only extraordinary thing of the night: in addiction it happened that, while they were close to the wood, suddenly the moon got dark and started to rain”

The story about the company adventurous journey towards “the big waterfall”, it tells about the courage and boldness the way is faced with, describes the most tragic moments despair and dismay, enlighten what a company is, what does it mean to be lonely and friend, a fairy tale to talk about coherence to oneself and the necessity to abandon obstinacies for a common cause.
Silvia Ranelli “Il Pepeverde”

A simple and linear but involving novel, a story that reminds a bit of the great epic adventure novel … a pleasant book by one of the most important and loved Italian author.
Elisabetta Vanzetta “Vitatrentina.
Pag 16:Cultura”

The book works out of metaphor as well, travelling in a very special way over the classic paths which bring fairy tales and fables to embody the extraordinary task of making the world understandable. Making costantly sure not to omit themes and issues that agitate and worry these days
Sfoglialibro – Supplem. “Biblioteche Oggi”

Published for now in:  ITALY

Prizes and Awards

  • Prize “Cento 2010” (Ferrara)
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